Travel Genome Project

Chilean Patagonia, 2015

Making intelligent travel recommendations is our passion; help us map the travel genome, and get FREE travel recommendations!


What's the Travel Genome Project?

What: We've begun the journey of mapping the TRAVEL GENOME. Join us.

Mapping the travel genome?: We are taking a data based approach to truly understanding why people enjoy the destinations they do. Using surveys and other tools, we map and connect demographic data, personality, preferred activities/setting, and other data inputs, to specific destinations


What's our methodology?

We love data! We've set out to find how to correlate travel recommendations by taking key inputs and seeing how well they can predict desired travel locations (we have over 200 in our database!). These inputs include:

  • Demographics: Tell us your age, sex, city of residence - these help us with the recommendation!
  • Activities: Hiking? Lounging? Sight-seeing? Tell us what's important for the trip!
  • Setting: Mountain or the beach? Exotic land or major city?
  • Accommodations: Tent (i'm talking Glamping)? Resort? Treehouse?
  • Budget: Goes without saying, this will effect our recommendation

Travel recommendations unique to YOU!


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As fellow passionate travelers, we recognize that current travel solutions are flawed, and want to do everything in our power to change that. The world is a big place. Let us be your compass! 

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